The Local Restaurant, located in the middle of Loggerhead Marina, is Daytona's crowning jewel for waterfront eating. With its great location overlooking the tranquil Halifax River, it provides a comprehensive dining experience that captivates all of your senses.
It's no surprise that this restaurant has been named Daytona's Favorite Waterfront Restaurant, as it attracts customers from all over. The panoramic views of the Halifax River welcome you the instant you walk in, setting the tone for a fantastic meal. The backdrop ensures that every visit is unique, whether you're watching the smooth ebb and flow of the tides or seeing a stunning sunset.
The Local Restaurant's acclaim stems from its continuous commitment to quality. The menu features the freshest seafood, which is sourced daily to ensure that every meal is a monument to the wealth of the sea. But it's not just about the fish. The restaurant takes care in using the freshest goods available, guaranteeing that the flavors are real and pure whether you're indulging in a seafood specialty or any other meal.

Daytona's Premier Dining Experience: Local Restaurant

The Local Restaurant has a curated variety of local Florida spirits and beers for individuals who like to drink. Each carefully selected drink enhances the dining experience, adding another layer to the gastronomic trip. Whether you're toasting a special occasion with a handcrafted spirit or drinking a cold local beer, the beverage menu has something for everyone.
But the Local Restaurant's charm extends beyond the food and drinks. The restaurant comes alive with the melodies of live bands every evening as the sky darkens and the stars rise. The expansive balcony overlooking the river morphs into a hive of music and laughing. The nightly live bands ensure that there is never a dull moment, whether you are in the mood for some foot-tapping numbers or a heartfelt ballad.
Finally, the Local Restaurant is more than just an eating destination; it is a Daytona tradition. It's a place where culinary quality meets natural beauty, where every meal is a celebration, and where memories are made with the Halifax River as a backdrop. Join us for an experience as enchanting as the river views, and you'll see why we're a favorite among both locals and visitors.

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