The German Lunch and Dinner spot is in the Publix-anchored shopping center at Cortez Road W. and is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8.30 p.m. Since opening in September 2014 the Lucky Frog has been part of Bradenton’s 10 Best Local Eats, under the 3 first Restaurants from 400 by Tripadvisor, voted as Best German Restaurant by Bradenton Heralds Peoples Choice, and has 4.9 Stars from 5 on Facebook. They offer authentic German Meals, a good choice of vegetarian or gluten-free possibilities and everything is made from scratch by the owner, Master Chef Uwe from Bavaria.
The name comes from "The Lion and the Frog" retold by the Brothers Grimm. The story is about a frog that encouraged a sad princess to slay a lion to see her prince brother again. In the end, the frog is a princess and there is a big wedding with a lot of “German Food”.
On the menu, the dishes are named after the fairy tale. There's the Golden Palace, a Vienna-style Schnitzel with German potato salad, the Queen's Heart, a Beef Meat, marinated in Red Wine and Vinegar with Red Cabbage and homemade Spaetzle, and the freshly made Potato Pancakes are the best in town.
Delicious desserts are the Baking Frog - scrambled German pancakes with powdered sugar and ice cream, the Sweet Kiss, an ice cream that looks like spaghetti, with homemade fruit sauce and the Queens Wish, an Apple Strudel with warm Vanilla Sauce.
Master Chef Uwe takes great care with plating the food.
"Your eye is eating first before your stomach. If it's appetizing already, then you really enjoy your meal."

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The Lucky Frog, located in the bustling Publix-anchored shopping mall on Cortez Road W., is a beacon of traditional German food in Bradenton. This beautiful lunch and supper place has been serving customers since its grand debut in September 2014 and is open from Tuesday to Saturday, 11 a.m. to 8.30 p.m.
The Lucky Frog has not only built a niche for itself throughout the years but has also received distinctions that speak volumes about its culinary prowess. It is delighted to be one of Bradenton's 10 Best Local Eats and one of the top three restaurants out of 400 on TripAdvisor. The Bradenton Herald's People's Choice named it the Best German Restaurant, and its 4.9 out of 5-star rating on Facebook attests to its continuous quality and service.
Master Chef Uwe from Bavaria is the man behind the wonderful delicacies. Every mouthful demonstrates his dedication to authenticity. Every item, from traditional German fare to a varied choice of vegetarian and gluten-free options, is made from scratch, ensuring freshness and authentic flavors.
The restaurant's unique moniker, "The Lucky Frog," is inspired by the charming tale of "The Lion and the Frog" as related by the Brothers Grimm. This enthralling narrative follows a brave frog who assists a dejected princess in her journey to reconnect with her prince brother. As the story progresses, the frog reveals its actual identity as a princess, resulting in a lavish wedding feast full of wonderful "German Food." This fairy tale flavor is subtly woven into the restaurant's menu, with dishes named after it.

Golden Palace

The "Golden Palace," a mouthwatering Vienna-style Schnitzel combined with classic German potato salad, is available to diners. "The Queen's Heart" is a culinary delicacy, with beef steak marinated in a delicious blend of red wine and vinegar, served with red cabbage and handmade Spaetzle. If you're looking for the best in town, the freshly prepared Potato Pancakes are a must-try.
Desserts are nothing short of wonderful for those with a sweet taste. "The Baking Frog" serves powdered sugar-dusted German pancakes with a scoop of luscious ice cream. "The Sweet Kiss" is an eye-catching dessert that looks like spaghetti ice cream topped with handmade fruit sauce. And the "Queen's Wish" is a warm Apple Strudel soaked in luscious vanilla sauce.
Master Chef Uwe's philosophy is straightforward but profound: "Your eye eats before your stomach." If it's already appealing, you'll enjoy your dinner." This conviction is shown in the great care with which he plates each meal, ensuring that it is as visually pleasing as it is savory.
Finally, The Lucky Frog is more than a restaurant; it's a culinary journey to the heart of Germany, right here in Bradenton. Whether you're a native or a visitor, this German refuge guarantees a nostalgic and new experience that will leave you wanting more.

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