Executive chef and proprietor of Mattison’s best Restaurant in Bradenton operates a successful culinary group on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Located in Sarasota, each Mattison’s restaurant location is unique to its neighborhood, offering Chef Paul Mattison’s signature menu items, outstanding service, and quality ingredients while supporting the community, regional farmers, and culinary suppliers. Mattison’s Catering is a chef-owned and operated company procuring fresh, natural, and local ingredients. Catering In-house and off-site, Mattison’s Catering Company offers certified wedding and event planners, experienced professionals, and custom menus.

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The acclaimed Mattison's is located in the center of Florida's Gulf Coast culinary scene, a monument to the passion and experience of its Executive Chef and Proprietor, Chef Paul Mattison. With long roots in Sarasota, Mattison's has become synonymous with great dining experiences, reflecting the region's diverse tapestry of flavors.
Each Mattison's best Restaurant in Bradenton location has its distinct individuality, although it is unified under the prestigious banner of Chef Paul Mattison's hallmark menu items. Every restaurant is tailored to resonate with its area, ensuring that guests encounter a blend of familiar comforts and thrilling new flavors. From the ambiance to the dish, the flavor of the region is brilliantly represented, making each visit a gourmet adventure.
What truly distinguishes Mattison's is its persistent devotion to excellence. Every meal on the table is the result of careful selection and preparation. The ingredients are fresh, natural, and of the greatest quality, gathered from area farmers and reputable culinary suppliers. This commitment to quality ensures that diners enjoy real flavors in every bite.

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Mattison's Catering is a culinary beacon outside of the restaurant walls. As a chef-owned and operated business, it bears Chef Paul Mattison's experience and enthusiasm. Every dish is a tribute to the team's devotion to quality, with a focus on acquiring fresh, natural, and local ingredients.
Furthermore, Mattison's Catering is about creating experiences, not simply food. The company can turn every event into a gourmet feast by providing both in-house and off-site catering services. Every element, from the meal to the presentation, is handled by experienced wedding and event planners.
Finally, Mattison's is more than simply a restaurant; it's a heritage of passion, commitment, and excellence on Florida's Gulf Coast. Whether you dine at one of Sarasota's restaurant locations or hire Mattison's Catering for your special event, you're in for an experience that highlights the best of regional flavors, superb service, and community spirit.

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